Presentation Details


Speakers should contact the Chairman 15 minutes before the beginning of the session in which their paper is to be presented. The Chairman will be available in the Conference Hall where the session is to take place.

Speakers should be present at the Conference Table from the beginning of the session and remain for the entire duration.

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes.

The language of the oral presentations will be English.

All presentations should be prepared using PowerPoint.

The duty member in the Speakers' Room is on hand for all requirements. A laptop is available for Speakers use and priority will be given in line with session timetable. The computer in the Speakers' Room may not be used to prepare the presentation, but only to make last-minute changes or a final check.

Speakers who have not forwarded a copy of their PowerPoint presentation to the Organizing Secretariat prior to the conference are kindly requested to bring presentations on suitable media (eg. USB stick/drive) and contact the Speakers' Room at the latest by the session before the one in which their presentation is scheduled (should this be scheduled in a morning session, the deadline for contacting the Speakers' Room is the evening of the day before). Speakers should ensure their presentations are delivered to the pertinent conference staff in a timely manner.

Presence of your affiliation or company logo should be very discreet.


Poster area will be situated on the Foyer Area of the Symposium venue/YTU Davutpasa Congress Center.

To keep good legibility of the poster, a maximum size of 70 cm in width and 90 cm in length is recommended. Posters should be prepared using heavy-duty resistant paper or cardboard.

Fixing material (pins and stickers) will be available in the Posters Area.

Conference staff will be available to assist you during the time of poster mounting.

Posters should be written using large letters as they should be legible from a distance of at least one meter.

The poster boards will be numbered by the organizers. The number of your poster can be found in the Symposium Program.


The Virtual Presentations of 6th EurAsia Waste Management Symposium 2022 will be presented as a live stream via Zoom.

Before attending one of the sessions of EurAsia Waste Management Symposium 2022 on your computer or mobile device, visit ZOOM’S DOWNLOAD CENTER to download the Zoom app.

Each session will have a host, a Session Chair, a presenter and participants.

All sessions will be conducted live and in real-time without any pre-recorded portions of the presentations. The live virtual sessions will contain oral presentations, poster presentations, and attendee interaction.

  • • We ask that you join your session 15 minutes prior to the start time to ensure your audio and video connection.
  • • In preparation for the meeting, please download the test via the Zoom Test site (
  • • For the best experience, please use your webcam and test your audio.
  • • When you are presenting live, you will “Share” your screen or document.
  • • A live Q&A session will follow the presentation
  • • Please make sure the time is strictly adhered to time allocated to your presentation.
  • • Please practice your presentation to adjust your timing accordingly.

Participants who may have problems with the internet connection etc. can record their presentations on video and send to the symposium secreteriat at least before 7 days of the symposium.

Even if you send your pre-recorded presentation video, the participants who do not connect to the system, who do not stay in the session live, will not be given a certificate of participation for whatever reason.

Virtual presentations are accepted and published as regular presentations in the 6th EurAsia Waste Management Symposium (EWMS 2022).

Virtual presenters receive regular presentation certificates and their papers are included as regular papers in the program/abstract/proceeding books. All documents of the virtual presenters are the same as the ones of oral/poster presenters.

You will receive all conference documents (Conference Program Book, Certificate of Participation, and Proceedings Book).

To make sure your virtual presentation goes smoothly, you are required to:

  • • Be online and available 15 minutes before the presentation,
  • • Have a reliable and fast internet connection,
  • • Test your microphone and video camera,
  • • Test your slides and make sure they are compatible with a Windows operating system,
  • • Have a non-distracting environment around you during the presentation. The room you are using should be both quiet and the background used as plain as possible.



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